5-speed listening (Giving Birth - Level 2)

73-year-old woman gives birth to twins






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Is 73 too old to have a baby? A 73-year-old woman in India has had twins. She said becoming a mother for the first time was "the happiest time" of her life. She needed an operation to have the twins. The mother and her twins are in good health. The mother is recovering well after the operation. She thought she would never have children. She first tried to have a child fifty years ago but was unsuccessful. The woman thought she would be childless forever after her menopause started 25 years ago. She said not having children was painful. People called her "the childless lady".

The woman gave birth because of the method of IVF. A healthy egg from a younger woman was fertilized with her husband's sperm. The fertilized egg made her pregnant. When she found out she was having twins, she said: "This is the happiest time of my life." The new mother's doctors are also happy with her. One doctor said: "During the IVF treatment, we had three groups of doctors. One took care of her general health, one took care of her nutritional status and one took care of her pregnancy." The doctor said she was always in very safe hands.

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