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World's most electrifying eel found in Amazon






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Scientists found a new species of electric eel in the Amazon. It can give someone an 860-volt electric shock. This is eight times stronger than the electricity Americans use in their homes. American homes need just 110 volts of electricity. The eel is 2.4 meters long and weighs 45kgs. It would give a human a bad electric shock and could kill one. The scientists wrote that the eel is "the strongest living bio-electricity generator".

Scientists found two new species of electric eel. The 860-volt eel is in the headlines because of its shocking power. Scientists used to believe there was only one electric eel in the world. A researcher said: "If you can discover a new 2.4m-long fish after 250 years of exploration, can you imagine what remains to be discovered?" He added: "The discovery...in Amazonia...[suggests a] vast amount of species that remain to be discovered in nature."

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