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The words
Scientists have discovered a new [species / specials] of electric eel that is truly shocking. In [factual / fact] , it is the most shocking creature in the world. The [new / newt] eel was discovered in the Amazon. It is capable of giving someone an electric [shocking / shock] that is nearly eight times stronger than the electricity found in the wall socket of [an / the] American home. The eel is 2.4 meters long, [weight / weighs] 45kgs, and can discharge a shock of 860 [bolts / volts] . Appliances in American homes need just 110 volts of electricity. The eel has enough power to give a human a [sever / severe] electric shock. It is possible the shock could kill a human. The scientists wrote in the [journal / journey] Nature Communications that the eel is "the strongest [living / life] bio-electricity generator".

Scientists have [naming / named] the new eel Electrophorus voltai. The team of researchers [actual / actually] found two new species of electric eel, but Electrophorus voltai is [grabbed / grabbing] the headlines because of its electrical power. Up until the two [recent / recently] discoveries, scientists believed there was only one electric eel in [existence / exist] . Lead researcher Dr David de Santana said he would not be [surprise / surprised] to find more new species. He wrote: "If you [can / able] discover a new 2.4m-long fish after 250 years of exploration, can you imagine [what / that] remains to be discovered in that region?" He added: "The discovery...in Amazonia, [two / one] of the planet's biodiversity hot spots, is suggestive of the vast amount of species that remain to be discovered in [nurture / nature] ."

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