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The words
Oil prices [soared / seared] on Monday after the drone attacks on oil plants in Saudi Arabia. Prices [sawn / saw] their biggest rise in a decade. At [one / once] point, prices shot up [at / by] nearly 20 per cent. This is the biggest one-day rise [since / for] the 1990-91 Gulf War. Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said the drone attack on Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq oil plant cut the kingdom's oil production [in / on] half. The attacks will cut the world's daily oil production [at / by] five per cent. The Bloomberg news agency said it could take weeks for Saudi to repair [a/ the] damage. During this time, people could see higher gasoline prices at the pumps, especially [on / in] Asia. People may also have to pay higher prices for food and other [goods / good] .

Yemen's Houthi group has [claimed / clammed] responsibility for the attacks in Saudi Arabia. The group said the attacks were because of Saudi Arabia's attacks on rebel [group / groups] in Yemen. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani supported the Houthi claim. He called the attack an [act / acted] of self defense. He said: "Yemeni people are exercising [them / their] legitimate right of defense. The attack was a [reason / reciprocal] response to years of Saudi aggression [against / for] Yemen." However, an Arab coalition says there is evidence that the weapons used to [strike / struck] the Saudi oil [plants / planes] were made by Iran. U.S. officials say satellite images [suggestion / suggest] the attacks came from either Iraq or Iran and not Yemen. Iranian officials called the U.S. allegations "[maximum / minimum] lies".

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