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The words
The Prime Minister [off / of] Canada, Justin Trudeau, has apologized for a photo of him in brownface. This is the [worn / wearing] of face make-up to look like a brown-skinned person. It used to be [commonly / common] in theatrical shows, but it is racist, [offensive / offense] and disrespectful. The photo of Mr Trudeau wearing brownface was [given / gave] to Time magazine on Wednesday. It was taken when he [has / was] a teacher in 2001. He was attending an end-of-year school [gale / gala] that had an Arabian Nights theme. He put on dark brown make-up to dress [as / was] a character from Aladdin. Mr Trudeau said he was [apology / sorry] for the photo. He told reporters: "I shouldn't have done it. I should have [known / knowing] better, but I didn't. And I'm really sorry."

The photo could [mean / meant] trouble for Mr Trudeau. He is running for re-election as Canada's leader and is neck-and-neck in the [pills / polls] . His biggest rival told reporters: "Like all Canadians, I was [extreme / extremely] shocked and disappointed when I [leaned / learned] of Justin Trudeau's actions this evening. Wearing brownface is an act [off / of] open mockery and racism. It was just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019." He [add / added] : "What Canadians saw this evening was someone...who's not fit to govern this country." Another election [hopefully / hopeful] , Jagmeet Singh, said "We see one Mr. Trudeau in public, and I'll be [honest / honesty] with you, he seems really nice - very friendly, very warm....But behind [open / closed] doors, he seems like he's a [different / difference] Mr. Trudeau."

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