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The words
New research says [eaten / eating] nuts could be a valuable, tasty and nutritious slimming [made / aid] . Researchers from Harvard University recommended that people replace a [day / daily] unhealthy snack with a small handful of nuts to slow down weight [gain / against] . They say this is especially helpful for people as they [getting / get] older. The researchers found that people who ate just 14g [of / on] nuts every day gained less weight than those who ate another snack. The people who ate the nuts were less [likely / liked] to become obese. However, the [beneficial / benefits] to our weight could be quite [few / small] . The scientists said swapping chocolate, cakes and potato chips with nuts could help prevent a weight gain of just 0.4 to 0.7kg [over / about] four years.

The researchers conducted a long-term [studious / study] in which they looked at the [lifestyle / living] of nearly 190,000 people over two decades. The [participates / participants] in the research were [division / divided] into three groups. They included more than 51,000 male health [professional / professionals] aged 40 to 75, 121,700 nurses aged 35 to 55 and 16,686 nurses aged 24 to 44. Researchers [asked / ask] the participants questions every four years about their weight, how [regular / often] they ate nuts, and how often they exercised. Researcher doctor Xiaoran Liu said: "Incorporating nuts into a healthy diet [by / at] replacing less healthy foods may help reduce the gradual weight [gain / gained] common during adulthood and beneficially contribute to the prevention of [obesity / obese] ."

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