Speed Reading — Public Transport - Level 3 — 300 wpm 

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The United Kingdom's government is thinking about banning all food and drink on public transport. The UK's plan to ban people eating and drinking on trains and buses is not popular with people. They say the government should not control whether or not people can eat and drink on public transport. Many people said the plan was another example of the UK becoming a "nanny state". This is a country that wants to control everything people can and cannot do. The UK's Chief Medical Officer, professor Sally Davies, said the plan was necessary to help reduce obesity. She said it was part of a plan to halve obesity in children by 2030 and to help people make healthier lifestyle choices.

Professor Davies reported that there are twice as many overweight schoolchildren today as there were 30 years ago. She said: "Today's children are drowning in a flood of unhealthy food and drink options." She said this is made worse because of "insufficient opportunities for being active". She said children do not get enough exercise. She added: "We must go further and faster." Ms Davies also wants to stop fast food being sold at soccer games. Many travelers are angry about the plans. A nurse, Nicky Paxton, said the transport ban would make her life worse. She said: "I often work 12 hours without a break and I need a sandwich on the train on my way home from work."

Comprehension questions
  1. What do people think of the possible ban?
  2. Who did people say should not control what people eat on trains?
  3. What did people think the UK is becoming?
  4. Who is Sally Davies?
  5. By when does a medical officer want to halve obesity in children?
  6. How many more obese children are in the UK today than 30 years ago?
  7. What are UK children flooded with?
  8. At what sporting events does Sally Davies want to ban fast food?
  9. How long does a nurse work without a break?
  10. What does a nurse want to eat on the train on her way home?


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