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be bring implement bring spend kill impoverish overcome put achieve
The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed has the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel committee the 43-year-old leader won the prestigious accolade because of "his efforts to peace and international cooperation, and in particular, for his decisive initiative to the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea". Since Mr Ahmed Ethiopian Prime Minister in April 2018, he has his efforts on repairing relations with Eritrea. In addition, he a pivotal role in mediating in a political crisis between Sudan and South Sudan. The UN Secretary-General said Mr Ahmed, "has a wonderful example for others in and beyond Africa to resistance from the past and put people first".

Mr Ahmed is viewed as a transformative leader hope to his region. In June 2018, he agreed to fully a peace treaty signed with Eritrea in 2000, which peace between the two countries after two decades of conflict. Ethiopia and Eritrea are two of the world's poorest countries but they hundreds of millions of dollars on the war. The conflict tens of thousands of people and further many more. The UN said Mr Ahmed, "has set a wonderful example for others in and beyond Africa looking to resistance from the past and people first." It added: "His vision helped Ethiopia and Eritrea a historic reconciliation".

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