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The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed has [winning / won] the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel committee said the 43-year-old leader won the [prestigious / prestige] accolade because of "his efforts [to / for] achieve peace and international cooperation, and [in / on] particular, for his decisive initiative to [resolve / revolve] the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea". Since Mr Ahmed became Ethiopian Prime Minister in April 2018, he has focused his [effects / efforts] on repairing relations with Eritrea. In addition, he played a [pivotal / pivot] role in mediating in a political [crisis / crises] between Sudan and South Sudan. The UN Secretary-General said Mr Ahmed, "has set a [wonderfully / wonderful] example for others in and beyond Africa looking to overcome resistance from the [passed / past] and put people first".

Mr Ahmed is being [view / viewed] as a transformative leader bringing hope to his region. In June 2018, he [agreement / agreed] to fully implement a peace treaty signed with Eritrea in 2000, which [brings / brought] peace between the two countries after two [decadence / decades] of conflict. Ethiopia and Eritrea are two of the world's poorest countries but they [spending / spent] hundreds of millions of dollars on the war. The [reflect / conflict] killed tens of thousands of people and further [impoverished / provided] many more. The UN said Mr Ahmed, "has set a wonderful [example / exemplar] for others in and beyond Africa looking [at / to] overcome resistance from the past and put people first." It added: "His vision helped Ethiopia and Eritrea achieve a [historic / history] reconciliation".

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