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People are now [banned / binned] from climbing one of the most sacred sites in indigenous Australian [cultural / culture] . The world's largest [goliath / monolith] , the giant Uluru in the [desert / dessert] of Australia's Northern Territory, is now officially off-limits to tourists and climbers. It will be closed from October 25 in [recognition / recognize] of the site's cultural significance to the local Anangu traditional [owns / owners] . The giant site was once known as Ayers Rock, before it [retorted / reverted] to its historic name of Uluru. It has been a major attraction for [decadence / decades] . Tourists from around the world have flocked there in [droves / drives] to climb the rock. However, it is a sacred site in Anangu culture. The Anangu custodians of the rock have [wide / long] campaigned for the ban.

The ban was [initially / initial] announced in 2017 and most visitors [compiled / complied] with it. Australia's tourist [associate / association] said that only 16 per cent of visitors have actually [clambered / climbed] the rock since 2017. Local Anangu man Rameth Thomas, who grew up in a [tinny / tiny] community near Uluru, explained to the BBC how [important / importance] the rock is to his people. He said: "That place is a very sacred place. That's like our church. I've been [speaking / telling] them since I was a little boy: 'We don't want you to climb the rock.'" He added: "All of our [stories / stores] are on the rock. People right around the world come just to climb it. They've got no [respective / respect] ." Another resident said: "If I tried to climb on top of that parliament house at Canberra, they wouldn't [reach / let] me in."

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