Speed Reading — Foie Gras - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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Chefs in New York are angry over a ban on foie gras - a food common in haute cuisine. It is made from duck and goose liver. The birds are force-fed to make their liver up to ten times its normal size. Animal rights groups say this makes the birds suffer. New York's council voted to ban the controversial food. It will ban restaurants and stores from dealing with any force-fed products. A spokesperson said force-feeding was "really cruel and inhumane".

Farmers may sue New York. A farmer said: "We will not let this restriction on New Yorkers' freedom of choice go unchallenged...we intend to file a lawsuit." A food maker said chefs could order more foie gras because they are so angry. There are 1,000 restaurants in New York that have foie gras on their menu. The maker said the council made no effort to learn about the foie gras process. Foie gras is big business. One liver can sell for as much as $125.

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