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The words
The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has [telling / told] world leaders to end their [addiction / addict] to coal. He said the fossil fuel was a "major [threaten / threat] " to climate change and [waned / warned] that the coal addiction "must be overcome". Mr Guterres was in Thailand for the ASEAN Summit. He said that many countries [on / in] danger from climate change are in Asia. He [told / tell] the world leaders that: "Countries in these areas that are countries that are in one of the most [vulnerable / vulnerability] areas to climate change." He added that: "Unless we are able to...[defeat / win] climate change, in 2050, the [researchers / research] has forecasted that 300 million people in the world will be [floods / flooded] by sea water."

My Guterres said climate change was, "the biggest [threaten / threat] to the planet at the present [moment / memento] ". He said using coal was a big problem. "We have to put a price [in / on] carbon. We need to stop subsidies for fossil fuels." He [purged / urged] , "stopping the construction [of / off] coal-power electricity plants in order to be [ability / able] to defeat climate change." The UN chief was speaking on a day that saw "unbearable" and "[hazardous / hazard] " levels of air pollution in India's capital of Delhi. An Indian health ministry official, Varun Jhaveri, said pollution [monitors / monitor] did not have enough digits to [accuracy / accurately] record the pollution. He tweeted: "I think we are heading towards Delhi recording the most polluted day in the [history / historian] of the world!! This is a disaster!"

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