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The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has told leaders to end their addiction to coal. He said the fuel was a "major " to climate change and warned that the coal addiction " be overcome". Mr Guterres was in Thailand for the ASEAN Summit. He said that many in danger from climate change are in Asia. He told the world leaders that: "Countries in these are countries that are in one of the most vulnerable areas to climate ." He added that: "Unless we are to...defeat climate change, in 2050, the has forecasted that 300 million people in the world will be flooded by water."

Mr Guterres said climate change was, "the threat to the planet at the moment". He said using coal was a big . "We have to put a on carbon. We need to stop for fossil fuels." He urged, "stopping the construction of coal-power electricity plants in order to be able to defeat climate change." The UN chief was speaking on a that saw "unbearable" and "hazardous" levels of pollution in India's capital of Delhi. An Indian health ministry official, Varun Jhaveri, said pollution monitors did not have enough to accurately record the pollution. He tweeted: "I think we are heading towards Delhi recording the most polluted day in the of the world!! This is a !"

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