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The words
An [employee / employed] who works for British Airways (BA) has told newspapers about the company [creates / creating] more CO2. The unnamed person is a whistleblower - someone who tells the [true / truth] about company secrets. The whistleblower said BA and many other airlines [use / using] "fuel-tankering" to save money. [Although / However] , fuel-tankering is very [bad / worse] for the environment. Scientists say it adds to global warming. Fuel-tankering is when airplanes [storage / store] extra fuel to get to their [destination / destiny] and back. This means the airline [savings / saves] money by paying for all the fuel in its home country instead of buying more expensive fuel at its destination. Scientists say fuel-tankering puts as much CO2 in the air [each / whole] year as a large town.

A documentary about British Airways and fuel-tankering was [showed / shown] on the BBC this week. In the documentary, the CEO of BA [promise / promised] to look again at how it [carries / carrying] fuel. He said the airline uses the fuel-tankering method and said it was "maybe the wrong thing [for / to] do". The money saved by fuel-tankering for each flight is very small, but there is a big cost [to / at] the environment. A [recent / recently] flight from London to Italy had three tons [for / of] extra fuel. The airline saved just $50 on the flight but an extra 600kg of CO2 was [put / fueled] into the atmosphere. Greenpeace said this was a "classic example [to / of] a company putting profit before planet". It said: "They'll happily pour extra fuel on the fire for a small [boast / boost] to their profit margin."

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