Gap Fill - Concert Tour - Level 5


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   album      band      charity      disappointed      double      environment      fans      feelings      future      future      negative      neutral      one-off      practice      release      sales      spinners      sustainable      time      tour  
The Coldplay announced it will not be going on to promote its new because of the environmental damage it might cause. It is standard business in the music industry to accompany a new album with a world tour. Concert tours are often money- and generate more profits than music . Coldplay decided a tour would have a impact on the environment. Lead singer Chris Martin told the BBC that the band wanted any tours to "have a positive impact" on the .

Coldplay is taking off to look at options on how tours can be more and environmentally friendly. Mr Martin said he wanted tours to be "actively beneficial". He said the band's next tour would care about the environment and that he would be " if it's not carbon ". He wants tours to be about giving as well as taking. The band's new album, "Everyday Life," reflects their about the environment. Coldplay will put on a concert for their in London. All of the money from this concert will be donated to an environmental .

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