Gap Fill - Customer Reviews - Level 1


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   better      customer      feedback      mistake      negative      online      other      past      period      products      removal      repair      section      source      system      this      useful      website      week      why  
Apple has removed reviews from its stores. Reviews are for customers to leave about Apple's . The reviews began disappearing last . Apple has removed the "Ratings and Reviews" from stores in the US, UK and Australia. People will have to visit websites for reviews on Apple products. Apple has not commented on the reviews section has gone. Nobody knows why it has done .

The said the could be a . It said: "Apple has decided its online store is without customer feedback." It also said the could be under . PC Mag said Apple used to allow any reviews in the , including "extremely reviews". It added: "We're...heading into the busiest shopping of the year, and Apple online store customers have lost an important of information."

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