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The words
The computer giant Apple has [removal / removed] all customer reviews from several of its online Apple stores. The reviews section was a [useless / useful] way for customers to leave feedback for [another / other] people about Apple's products. The reviews [section / sector] on the Apple Store began disappearing [next / last] week. Apple has removed the "Ratings and Reviews" section of its online stores across the world. The reviews pages have [going / gone] from the stores in the USA, UK and Australia. This means that anyone in [those / them] countries wanting to find reviews on Apple products will have to [often / visit] other websites. Apple has not yet commented on its decision to remove the [gratings / ratings] and reviews section, so nobody knows why they have taken this [section / action] .

The website pcmag.com [speculated / rectified] that the removal could have been a mistake, but then it said the removal was [partner / part] of a new Apple [police / policy] . It said: "Clearly, Apple has [decided / declined] its online store is better without customer feedback for some reason. Alternatively, the customer feedback system is being [hauled over / overhauled] ." PC Mag said Apple used to be very open and allow all [kinds / kind] of comments, including very negative [review / reviews] . It said: "Apple wasn't shy about leaving extremely negative reviews and ratings [up / down] on its store in the past". It added: "We're also heading into the busiest shopping [era / period] of the year, and Apple online store customers have lost an important [sauce / source] of information when deciding what to buy."

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