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There is a of a new being added to the family of nations. Bougainville in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has voted for independence. A two-week was held on the island. It ended on the 7th of December. It was a non- referendum, which means the PNG government does not have to make it . However, PNG should now consider acting on the of the vote. Voters voted for autonomy or full independence. Over 181,000 people cast their vote and nearly 98 per cent of them voted in of independence.

Bougainville is the of the PNG chain of islands. It is part of the Solomon Islands. It used to be called the Republic of North Solomons. It has a of 250,000 people. Bougainvilleans started a for independence in the 1960s. This was a before PNG got independence in 1975. Bougainville became of PNG in 1976. This started the Bougainville War between 1988–1998, in which 20,000 people lost their . The Prime Minister of PNG said his was committed to adhering to the poll's .

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