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release have be attract take argue be include be have
say release reshape contain make top take go come start
The technology website has its list of the most influential video games of the decade. Number one on the list of games that the biggest impact on the gaming industry in the 2010s is Fortnite. In second place another game that millions of gamers to up gaming - Minecraft. Other games in the top five are Dark Souls, Gone Home, and The Legend of Zelda. Many people might other games should have on the list. Games on other top-five lists Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Pokemon Go, which the first major game to incorporate Augmented Reality (AR). Pokemon Go millions of gamers running around the world's streets in search of mythical, cute creatures. so many creative games were in the 2010s and many of them " the entire video game landscape". It said: "This list can only a limited sample of games, just those that the most sizable, culture-shifting impact." The reason Fortnite the list is, "because it's one of the only games of the decade to truly infiltrate broader pop culture". Fortnite is now more popular than many global sports. The annual Fortnite World Cup place at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, home of the US tennis Open. A total of $30 million to the winners in 2019. Wired said there is more to from Fortnite. It wrote: "Its influence is just to show its true scope."

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