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The words
The technology website wired.com has released its list [of / to] the most influential video games of the decade. Number one [to / on] the list of games that had the biggest [impact / compact] on the gaming industry in the 2010s is Fortnite. In second [pace / place] is another game that attracted millions of gamers to take [down / up] gaming - Minecraft. Other games in the top five are Dark Souls, Gone Home, and The Legend of Zelda. Many people might [argue / argument] other games should have been on the list. Games on [another / other] top-five lists include Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Pokemon Go, which was first major game to [corporate / incorporate] Augmented Reality (AR). Pokemon Go had millions of gamers running [around / abound] the world's streets in search of [myth / mythical] , cute creatures.

Wired.com said so many creative games were released in the 2010s and many of [that / them] "reshaped the [entire / entirety] video game landscape". It said: "This list can only contain a limited [simple / sample] of games, just those that made the most sizable, culture-shifting impact." The [reasonable / reason] Fortnite topped the list is, "because it's one of the only games of the decade to [truth / truly] infiltrate broader pop culture". Fortnite is now more popular than many [global / globe] sports. The annual Fortnite World Cup [takes / gives] place at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, home of the US tennis [Close / Open] . A total of $30 million went to the [winners / wins] in 2019. Wired said there is more to come from Fortnite. It wrote: "Its influence is just starting to show its true [scope / scoop] ."

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