Speed Reading — The 2020s - Level 4 — 400 wpm 

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The clock struck twelve and people worldwide wondered what the new decade has in store for us. Many hope the 2020s will improve things for them and the Earth. The 2010s were a little chaotic. Global warming put our existence in danger; wars continue around the world; millions still lack clean water and education; and thousands of species became extinct. Technology and more cooperation between nations will hopefully make the 2020s better.

A technology website predicted our lives will be more like science fiction. It wrote: "The decade...will take us even further toward a world where far-out ideas like hooking brains up to computers, and even immortality, become topics of serious conversation." A futurologist wrote about flying cars and unlimited clean energy. He said: "The 2020s will be when the incredible promises of technology finally happen." Let's talk in 2030 to see if this comes true.

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