Gap Fill - Mass Wedding - Level 6


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   aisle      beautiful      deeply      famous      groom      mass      newlywed      side      these      thousands  

Paragraph 2

The Unification Church is for holding the weddings. It was founded in 1954 by self-declared messiah Sun Myung Moon. The communal weddings started in 1961 and have seen hundreds of of couples walk down the . In many cases, the bride and had been matched and met for the first time at the ceremony. One spoke about marrying amid the global spread of the coronavirus. He told the Reuters news agency: "I'm very happy to attend this blessed joint wedding. Since coronavirus is going around days, I wore a mask to be on the safe ." A 23-year-old bride from Benin said: "I didn't put on a mask because I wanted to be for my husband."

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