Speed Reading — Mass Wedding - Level 4 — 500 wpm 

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Six thousand couples did not stop the coronavirus from celebrating their happy day. The brides and grooms from sixty countries got married in South Korea on Friday, despite the health scare from the coronavirus. There were 24,000 guests at the wedding. Some of them were renewing their marriage vows. The church was prepared for the mass wedding. Staff handed out sanitizer and surgical masks. They also checked the temperature of the couples.

The Unification Church is famous for its mass weddings, which started in 1961. Hundreds of thousands of couples have walked down the aisle. Some couples met for the first time at the ceremony. A newlywed spoke about tying the knot amid the spread of the coronavirus. He said: "Since coronavirus is going around...I wore a mask to be on the safe side." A 23-year-old bride didn't wear a mask because she wanted to be beautiful for her husband.

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