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The words
A railway station in London has been [naming / named] as the best station in Europe for passengers. The station is London St Pancras, which is also called St Pancras International. It is an international station [however / because] the Eurostar trains to France, Belgium and Holland [starting / start] there. St Pancras was chosen as the [best / well] railway station in Europe by the Consumer Choice Centre. This organisation asks [trail / rail] passengers every year about their opinions [in / on] different stations in Europe. Passengers answer questions on a [scurvy / survey] about accessibility, cleanliness, connectivity, friendliness of [staff / stuff] , and the number of platforms. There is also a question about the [numeral / number] of days station staff went on [strike / stroke] throughout the year.

St Pancras was the [just / only] UK station in the top ten. Zurich Central Station was number [two / twice] and Leipzig Central Station came in third. Five of the top ten stations were in Germany. They were Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich. A spokesman from [a / the] Consumer Choice Centre commented on the [booty / beauty] of St Pancras, which was [built / build] in a gothic style and opened [on / in] 1868. The spokesman said: "London St Pancras does not just look like a station from [others / another] world, it also leads this [index / decimal] as Europe's best railway station." He added: "High points were [rewarded / awarded] to the stations that offered great destinations around the continent and also had a [healthy / wellbeing] mix of shops, restaurants and conveniences."

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