Speed Reading — Sports - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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The spread of COVID-19 is hitting world sport. As the coronavirus is now a pandemic, many sports are acting to stop the spread of the virus. European football is coming to a standstill and major leagues worldwide have suspended games for the coming weeks. The Champions League could be suspended. In other sports, the first grand prix of the Formula 1 season has been cancelled and major league sports in the USA have been suspended until further notice.

The biggest worry is uncertainty over the Tokyo Olympics. Japan is preparing to continue with the Games as scheduled and said it was "inconceivable" they would be cancelled. U.S. President Donald Trump suggested Japan should consider postponing the Games. Sport is already being hit in Japan. The nation's 15-day spring sumo tournament is being held behind closed doors, and a national high school baseball tournament has been cancelled.

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