Speed Reading — Sports - Level 6 — 500 wpm 

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The global spread of COVID-19 is playing havoc with sports events worldwide. After the WHO designated the coronavirus as a pandemic, many sports associations have taken measures to curb the spread of the virus. Major sporting events are being suspended on a daily basis. European football is coming to a standstill as Spain's La Liga, Italy's Serie A and other major leagues have suspended games for the coming weeks. The Champions League could be suspended until next summer. In other sports, the first grand prix of the Formula 1 season has been cancelled in Australia; and the National Hockey League and National Basketball League have been suspended until further notice.

The biggest concern for sports fans is uncertainty over the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Japan's government has called for preparations to continue as scheduled. The minister responsible for the Olympics and Paralympics said it was "inconceivable" they would be cancelled. However, a member of the organizing committee said it was "more realistic" to postpone the Games. U.S. President Donald Trump suggested Japan should consider postponing the Games. He said: "It's a shame because they built some really beautiful buildings." Sport is already being hit in Japan. The nation's 15-day spring sumo tournament is being held behind closed doors in Osaka and a national high school baseball tournament has been cancelled.

Comprehension questions
  1. What did the article say COVID-19 was doing to sports worldwide?
  2. What have sports associations taken to curb the spread of the virus?
  3. What did the article say European football was coming to?
  4. What did the article say could be suspended until next summer?
  5. Until when did the article say the USA's basketball league is suspended?
  6. What is the biggest concern for sports fans?
  7. What did the Olympics minister say about cancelling the Games?
  8. What did Donald Trump say the Japanese have built?
  9. Where in Osaka is a sumo tournament being held?
  10. What kind of baseball tournament has been cancelled in Japan?

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