Speed Reading — Pay Phones - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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The end is near for New York's public pay phones. Workers are removing 30 of them from the city's streets. In the coming months, the other phones will go. They used to be on every street corner. A New York City spokesman told CNN that the pay phones are outdated and, "take up much-needed sidewalk space". He added: "Removing these booths is a win for pedestrians who navigate these crowded blocks."

Most New Yorkers may not notice the phones are going. Younger people may need instructions to use them. They may not know pay phones need coins. Over 95 per cent of Americans have a mobile phone. The spokesman said many local people complained about the old pay phones. People say they are dangerous and take up much needed sidewalk space. This space could help people with disabilities and families with small children.

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