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The words
New materials could be used to make [building / buildings] on the Moon. Scientists from Holland, Italy, Norway and Spain say a new [kind / kinds] of concrete could be made with moon dust and the urine [past / passed] by astronauts. The scientists said there is a chemical [combine / compound] in human urine called urea. This could help things [stuck / stick] together to make a kind of concrete. Scientists would use 3D printers [for / to] create the construction material. Three of the world's [mane / main] space agencies could start using this [technique / technical] to make buildings for a [permanent / permanence] moon base. NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the China National Space Administration are all interested [on / in] colonizing the Moon with research stations.

Using astronaut pee and moon [dusty / dust] could save scientists a lot of money. It costs about $10,000 to transport 0.45kg [of / off] materials from Earth to the Moon. The urine and moon dust [alternatively / alternative] would be a much cheaper way of [construction / constructing] things. A scientist said: "We have seen that a [waste / haste] product, such as the urine of the [personnel / personal] who occupy the moon bases, could be used." She added: "The actual water [on / in] the urine could be used for the mixture, together with water that can [be / have] obtained on the Moon, or a combination of both." Scientists say another [source / sauce] of water on the Moon is in the ice that exists in some areas. The scientists say they need to do more [tests / test] to find the best building material.

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