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   around      by      from      in      in      in      in      of      of      of      of      of      of      on      on      up      with      with      with  
The online retail giant Amazon has released its first ever big-budget PC game. The game is called Crucible. It is a science-fiction shooter game. It has many unusual characters that have special powers. Crucible is currently only available North America, where people can download it the video distribution website Steam. Amazon said the game will be available other parts the world soon. Crucible was created Amazon Game Studios and Relentless Studios and is free. Amazon is a newcomer the video games market. It hopes to become a major producer games. Many experts video games believe Crucible could be very successful. They say it could be a rival to the game Fortnite.

Crucible is set an apocalyptic world a fictional planet in outer space. Very few people can walk outside on this planet. Players can go outside but they must hunt and kill different creatures and monsters. They must also collect a special material called "essence". This helps players level and become stronger. Mike Frazzini, the vice president Amazon Games, spoke about Crucible. He said he hoped it would help people to connect each other. He told reporters: "We want to make games that resonate a very large audience players." He added: "One the reasons I've always loved games is not only is it a fun form entertainment, but it's a way to connect others."

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