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The words
The online [retail / trail] giant Amazon has released its first ever big-budget PC game. The game is called Crucible. It is a science-fiction [shot / shooter] game. It has many [unusual / usually] characters that have special powers. Crucible is currently [justly / only] available in North America, where people can download [them / it] from the video distribution website Steam. Amazon said the game will be available in [another / other] parts of the world soon. Crucible was created by Amazon Game Studios and Relentless Studios and is [free / freely] . Amazon is a newcomer in the video games market. It [fires / hopes] to become a major producer of games. Many [experts / expats] on video games believe Crucible could be very successful. They say it could be a [rebel / rival] to the game Fortnite.

Crucible is [set / let] in an apocalyptic world on a fictional planet in [out / outer] space. Very few people can walk [around / abound] outside on this planet. Players can go outside but they must [hunt / hurt] and kill different creatures and monsters. They must also collect a special material called "essence". This helps players level [to / up] and become stronger. Mike Frazzini, the vice president of Amazon Games, [spoke / tell] about Crucible. He said he hoped it would help people to [correct / connect] with each other. He told reporters: "We want to make games [that / what] resonate with a very large audience of players." He added: "[One / Once] of the reasons I've always loved games is not only is it a fun form of entertainment, but it's a [good / way] to connect with others."

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