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The words
A woman in Italy has [sudden / suddenly] become the owner of a Pablo Picasso painting. Claudia Borgogno, 58, [won / win] the Picasso in a charity raffle. Her son Lorenzo bought his mother the ticket [that's / as] a Christmas present. The ticket cost €100 (about $110). The raffle [drew / draw] was made on Wednesday and Ms Borgogno was the lucky winner. Lorenzo explained to reporters how he [tell / told] his mother. He said: "When I arrived and I told her she has won a Picasso painting, she was [like / love] : 'Please don't joke'." He added: "It was maybe the [least / best] decision I've made in my life." His mother could not [belief / believe] she had won and summed up her amazement in [once / one] word - incredible. She said: "I have never won anything [before / past] ".

The Picasso painting is called Still Life. It was painted and [singed / signed] by the artist in 1921. It shows a newspaper and a [whine / wine] glass on a wood table. The charity draw [took / look] place in Paris at the international auction house Christies. The auction house [valuable / valued] the work of art as being worth $1.1 million. However, the billionaire [art / arty] collector who donated the painting to the charity raffle said it was worth [at / for] least two or three times more than [there / that] . Christies sold 51,140 tickets for the charity raffle. [All / Every] of the money it collected will go to provide water for villagers in Madagascar and Cameroon. An NGO will [helpful / help] to build and repair wells, washing facilities, and toilets [on / in] countryside villages.

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