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complete record leave arrive name tag monitor make hail be
be facilitate call set track arrive have set defend mate
A cuckoo has just one of the longest migrations ever by any bird. The cuckoo its winter home in Zambia in Southern Africa on March the 20th and has at its breeding ground in Mongolia. Ornithologists the bird Onon after a Mongolian river. They five different cuckoos in Mongolia with microchips last summer to track their migration. The satellite tags the progress of the birds across the Indian Ocean and 16 countries. Onon was the quickest of the five birds to the return journey from Mongolia to Zambia and back. The ornithologists Onon's feat and described it as "a mammoth journey".

The tagging of the birds a joint venture between the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia and the British Trust for Ornithology. It was by the group Birding Beijing and the Oriental Bird Club. A special blog the Mongolia Cuckoo Project was up so bird lovers could the birds' progress. It reported that Onon home, "as of 15:30 local time on May 27, 2020 after a round trip of about 26,000km, including 27 border crossings involving 16 countries." It called the journey: "Remarkable navigation and endurance." It added: "Onon no time to waste as he needs to up his territory, it from competing males and with as many females as possible."

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