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A cuckoo has just completed one of the longest migrations ever recorded by [any / some] bird. The cuckoo left its [wintered / winter] home in Zambia in Southern Africa on March the 20th and has arrived at its [bleeding / breeding] ground in Mongolia. Ornithologists named the bird Onon [before / after] a Mongolian river. They [tugged / tagged] five different cuckoos in Mongolia with microchips last summer to track their [mitigation / migration] . The satellite tags monitored the [progress / process] of the birds across the Indian Ocean and 16 countries. Onon was the quickest of the five birds to [aviate / make] the return journey from Mongolia to Zambia and [back / return] . The ornithologists hailed Onon's feat and described it as [been / being] "a mammoth journey".

The tagging of the birds was a [joint / jointly] venture between the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia and the British [Faith / Trust] for Ornithology. It was facilitated [by / on] the group Birding Beijing and the Oriental Bird Club. A special blog called the Mongolia Cuckoo Project was [let / set] up so bird [lovers / luvvies] could track the birds' progress. It reported that Onon arrived home, "[has / as] of 15:30 local time on May 27, 2020 after a round trip of about 26,000km, including 27 [broader / border] crossings involving 16 countries." It called the journey: "Remarkable [navigate / navigation] and endurance." It added: "Onon has no time to [paste / waste] as he needs to set up his territory, defend it from competing males and [mate / pal] with as many females as possible."

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