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No screaming in Japanese amusement parks






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Amusement park operators in Japan released guidelines on visitors screaming in their parks. Japan's government asked companies to prepare for the "new normal" life with COVID-19. Park owners have safety guidelines for life in a coronavirus world. One guideline is no screaming on rollercoasters. Scientists say that singing, screaming or shouting increases the amount of virus an infected person can put into the air. Talking quietly lowers the risk of spreading the virus. The new guidelines say visitors should, "refrain from vocalizing loudly" on all rides.

Japan's amusement parks are slowly reopening. Japan ended its coronavirus emergency earlier this week. Its biggest theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan, have been closed since early March. They have not set a date to reopen. Other guidelines that parks will follow include wearing masks and social distancing. The parks said: "Ghosts...in haunted houses should maintain a healthy distance from their 'victims'". In addition, park staff dressed as mascots and superheroes should not shake hands or high-five anyone.

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