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The killing of George Floyd in the city of Minneapolis on May the 25th has [prevaricated / reverberated] across the world. Mr Floyd, a handcuffed black man, died after a police officer [knelt / kneeling] on his neck for over eight minutes, even after he was [plead / pleading] for air and then stopped moving. Days of rioting, looting and clashes with police followed [was / as] citizens [vented / dented] their anger over the killing. The protests have [escalated / bounced] across America's major cities. There have also been protests outside U.S. embassies across the world. The [killing / dying] of Mr Floyd led the African Union Commission to take the unprecedented [stage / step] of condemning [what / that] it called "murder" and the "continuing discriminatory practices against black [netizens / citizens] ".

Many U.S. embassies in Africa have taken the [strange / unusual] step of issuing critical statements. The news [publicity / publication] "Foreign Policy" wrote: "Several U.S. [diplomats / diplomacy] said it is rare for U.S. embassies abroad to weigh [in / out] on domestic U.S. issues. But in this [base / case] , the embassies were compelled to respond after seeing how African leaders reacted to Floyd's death with [anger / angry] and dismay." The U.S. ambassador to Congo wrote: "I am profoundly [troubled / trouble] by the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The Justice Department is conducting a [fully / full] criminal investigation as a top priority. Security forces around the world should be [grasped / held] accountable. No one is [above / higher] the law."

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