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There is a new meaning for the word "air bridge". Before the coronavirus pandemic started, an air bridge was the walkway that linked an airport departure lounge to an airplane's door. Now, it also means an agreement that people can travel between two countries. Many people are also calling this a "travel bubble". Australia and New Zealand have an air bridge as both countries have successfully managed their responses to the coronavirus. The United Kingdom has also signed air bridge agreements with several other countries. The agreements mean there are no quarantine requirements for those travelling between the countries. Travellers currently need to quarantine for two weeks in the UK.

Travellers arriving in the UK must inform the government of their contact details, travel details and the address of where they will isolate for two weeks. Anyone who breaks the 14-day quarantine period will get a fine. However, the UK is trying to open up its economy and allow more people to enter the country without the 14-day quarantine. It wants to allow visitors from France, Greece, Portugal and Spain to enter the country. A British newspaper said these countries are "most advantageous" to the UK economy. The newspaper reported that the UK is also thinking about air bridges with Australia, Bermuda, the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar and Montserrat.

Comprehension questions
  1. What is the older meaning of "air bridge" mentioned in the article?
  2. What is another name for "air bridge"?
  3. Which two countries have formed an air bridge?
  4. How many countries has the UK signed air bridge agreements with?
  5. For how long do visitors to the UK have to quarantine?
  6. To whom do travellers to the UK have to tell their contact details?
  7. What did the article say the UK is trying to open up?
  8. What will people get if they break quarantine in the UK?
  9. What did a newspaper say Greece was to the UK economy?
  10. What islands is the UK thinking of creating an air bridge to?

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