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The words
The world's [heaviest / heavy] ever sumo wrestler has given health advice to other wrestlers. The wrestler's [fighting / fought] name was Orora. He is from Russia and his [really / real] name is Anatoly Mikhakhanov. He weighed 292kg before he [retried / retired] in 2018. Orora has warned [other / another] wrestlers to take [better / well] care of themselves after the death of a 28-year-old sumo wrestler [earliest / earlier] this year. Orora told the Asahi newspaper that Japan's sumo wrestlers should eat [small / less] . Sumo wrestlers are famous for having enormous appetites and for eating a lot. Orora said it was time for wrestlers to think more about their [dietary / diet] and reduce their calorie intake. He said: "It's never easy to stay healthy as long as you're living the [life / live] of a sumo wrestler."

Orora told reporters that a sumo wrestler's lifestyle [can / should] be unhealthy. He described how he put [in / on] so much weight. He ate two [huge / hugest] meals a day. He had a daily diet [contents / containing] over 7,000 calories. He said he used to eat 200 pieces of sushi and drink a [crater / crate] of beer in one sitting. He also ate extra [bowl / bowls] of rice when other wrestlers offered them to [them / him] . His diet led to hypertension and fatigue. He said: "I would lie down and [nap / napped] right after eating, which wasn't good. Just walking or moving was really troublesome." The Japan Sumo Association has published 10 health guidelines [to / for] wrestlers. It said they should eat fish and vegetables, [in / on] addition to meat. They should also chew food properly and avoid snacks.

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