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A campaign group [operating / operation] under the hashtag "Stop Hate For Profit" has severely [dented / dinted] the market value of Facebook and Twitter. The group is calling [in / on] advertisers to suspend advertising with the social media [gigantic / giants] until they reform their practices. In particular, the group wants sites to be [stickier / stricter] in their moderation of posts the group [deems / dreams] to be hate speech and misinformation. The value of Facebook's stock [plumed / plummeted] by eight per cent last Friday as Unilever [hailed / halted] its advertising. A three per cent drop followed on Monday as major brands such as Starbucks and Coca Cola said they would [pause / appease] spending on the social media platform. Facebook's value has nosedived [at / by] around $60 billion.

The Stop Hate For Profit campaign [got / not] going on June the 17th after several civil rights groups and non-profit [top cats / watchdogs] collaborated. They formulated a campaign to get social media [stages / platforms] to address problems and biases in the way they moderate [content / index] . They called for an advertising [coyote / boycott] and asked advertisers to, "hit pause on hate". They said: "We are asking all businesses to [posture / stand] in solidarity with our most deeply [held / grabbed] American values of freedom, equality and [judicial / justice] and not advertise on these services in July." Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded [at / by] announcing a series of new policies, including a ban on hateful content and on posts making false claims about [vote / voting] .

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