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An administration [erratum / error] in the prisons system in Samoa resulted in a man being [incarcerated / incinerated] for five years longer than he was sentenced to serve. Sio Agafili, 45, should have been released from prison in December 2015 after [saving / serving] two concurrent jail terms. In November 2008, Mr Agafili was [convicted / evicted] of burglary and [theft / thief] and sentenced to seven years in prison. A month later he was found guilty [at / of] other misdemeanours and [slipped / slapped] with a five-year sentence. The [fault / default] default in Samoa's criminal justice system is that a convict with two sentences must serve them [concurrently / currency] and not consecutively. The error was spotted recently by a judge when Mr Agafili appeared in court [on / in] another charge.

In an interview [on / with] the Samoa Observer newspaper, Agafili described his anguish [at / to] spending too long behind bars. He said: "It's broken me into a million [places / pieces] . No one told me when my jail [term / theme] would end. I lost [count / counter] of the days. I don't remember much about when I should be out. I just know I had to serve my time behind bars." Mr Agafili's lawyer Muriel Lui spoke to reporters about the [judicial / injustice] suffered by her [client / clientele] . She said: "He's been imprisoned unlawfully. I've heard of other cases of a [similar / similarity] nature. This is not the first of this type." She added: "His right to liberty has definitely been [bleached / breached] ." Ms Lui said that she would be seeking [compensation / condensation] for her client.

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