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The words
The French government has agreed to [give / given] a pay rise of $9 billion to its health workers. It agreed the [dealing / deal] on Monday with labour unions. The extra [cache / cash] means that nurses and careworkers will get an extra $208 a month [in / on] their pay packet. Doctors who work [in / on] the public sector will also get more money. France's Prime Minister said the pay rise was [for / to] recognise the efforts of health workers [during / doing] the coronavirus pandemic. During the outbreak, millions of French people applauded and clapped [their / them] nurses and doctors. This caused the government to reward them with a rise [on / in] pay. The Prime Minister told reporters that: "No one can deny that this is a [history / historic] moment for our health system."

Monday's announcement and [signing / singing] ceremony was on the day before Bastille Day on July the 14th. This is a day to honour a [turning / turn] point in the French Revolution in 1789. It is the national [week / day] of France. Around 1,400 nurses, doctors and carers [attention / attended] a ceremony in Paris' Place de la Concorde. However, some [unions / onions] asked health workers to stay [way / away] from the celebration as a [protect / protest] . The unions said the government [needed / necessary] to do more to protect staff and keep them safer during the pandemic. The Prime Minister said the government would do more. He said: "It is a way of catching [down / up] for years of delay, for which each and every one of us has their [shave / share] of responsibility."

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