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A dam on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia is [laddering / escalating] tensions in the region. African Union-led talks between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [smashed / broke] down on Monday. There are fears that the [filling / filing] of the dam could lead to [armed / legged] conflict. Ethiopia is constructing the dam to [demand / supply] electricity to its [rural / aural] areas. It is the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa and is two-thirds finished. Ethiopia has started filling the dam, which has [arisen / raised] alarm in Cairo. Egypt views the dam as an "[existing / existential] threat" and is concerned the dam will [reduce / deduce] its water supplies. Most of Egypt's water comes entirely from the Nile, particularly during times of [draught / drought] .

The Blue Nile originates in natural [springs / jumps] above Lake Tana in Ethiopia. It supplies the [majority / majorly] of the water for the Nile River. The Blue Nile [emerges / merges] with the White Nile near Khartoum in Sudan. The [waterway / motorway] becomes the River Nile from the point of [confluence / congruence] of the two rivers. Ethiopia calls the dam an "existential [necessary / necessity] ". Taxes from Ethiopian citizens have largely [spent / paid] for the dam. Ethiopia's government says the dam is essential as nearly half the country's population [lacks / slack] access to electricity. Egypt has said it could share electricity with Ethiopia instead [to / of] the dam being used. An Egyptian politician said: "One nation's need for electricity is [pinned / panned] to another nation's need for water."

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