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The words
How many times has your heart sunk after [drooping / dropping] your smartphone and worrying if you smashed the glass? There may be an [answer / solution] to reduce that feeling. The glass used to [make / do] the screens on many of the world's smartphones just [got / getting] tougher. Corning, the company that makes the glass, has just made a stronger [version / vision] . It is called Gorilla Glass and has been [used / useless] in smartphones for many years. Corning has greatly [improve / improved] the glass to make it more difficult to scratch, [crack / crash] or smash. The new product is called Gorilla Glass Victus. It can survive [drips / drops] of up to two metres without any signs of damage. It is also two times more scratch-resistant than [other / others] glass.

Corning spokesperson John Bayne told reporters about the new [predict / product] . He said: "Dropped phones can result [on / in] broken phones, but as we [developing / developed] better glass, phones survived more drops. However, they also showed more [visibility / visible] scratches, which can impact the usability of a [devise / device] ." He said it was important to develop a new glass that could survive drops from [greatly / greater] heights and be more difficult to scratch. He added: "Instead of...asking our technologists to focus [in / on] a single goal (making the glass better for either drop or scratch), we asked them to focus on improving [all / both] drop and scratch, and they [delivered / delivery] with Gorilla Glass Victus." The glass is set to debut on Samsung products "in the [near / nearly] future".

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