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Two emus have been from entering a hotel in Australia's Outback. The emu is the world's second-largest living bird by height and is native to Australia. The two emus are siblings (brother and sister). The four-room Yaraka Hotel in the state of Queensland the giant birds because of bad behaviour. The birds are Kevin and Carol. They were well at the hotel for popping in for a few biscuits or a slice of toast. However, recently, the two birds have a nuisance to the guests staying at the hotel. Co-owner Chris Gimblett has rope across the stairs leading up to the hotel to the birds out. There is also a sign for guests : "Please yourself through the emu barrier."

One of the reasons for the emu ban is that the birds have to climb the stairs. They have been up to the hotel's bedrooms and shocking guests in the corridor. Mr Gimblett said: "Travellers to be very cautious with the emus because they will their heads in...and all the coffee...and steal your toast. And if you have a barbecue, watch out because they'll everything." He added: "You don't want to get between an emu and its food. They've very sharp beaks and they're a bit like a vacuum cleaner where food concerned." He warned: "Because they do so much food, their toiletry habits are very frequent.... a sloppy bowl of porridge from a height of a metre."

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