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The words
Gigantic "terror crocodiles" that were as large [was / as] buses once roamed the Earth. This terrifying picture comes from a study that was [publication / published] this week in the "Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology". The study is from universities in the USA. Researchers who are [expats / experts] in paleontology - the study of dinosaurs - [studied / studying] ancient bones found in North America. They said that the dinosaurs lived [long / along] the Pacific and Atlantic [costs / coasts] of what is now Canada and the USA. The giant [boasts / beasts] preyed on other dinosaurs and were up to ten metres [in / on] length. The researchers [discovered / discovery] that the prehistoric crocodiles had razor-sharp teeth that were the [size / sized] of large bananas.

Co-author of the study Dr Adam Cossette gave [detail / details] of how he thought the crocodiles lived. He said they lived [between / among] 75 and 82 million years ago and are the [ancestry / ancestors] of today's crocodiles and alligators. He wrote about his research [on / in] the bone parts he studied. He said: "Until [know / now] , the complete animal was unknown. These new specimens we've examined [travel / reveal] a bizarre, monstrous predator with teeth the size of bananas." He [subtracted / added] that it was, "a giant that must have terrorised other dinosaurs that came to the water's [edge / drop] to drink." Another co-author of the study described how [scared / scary] the beast was. She wrote: "It was so enormous, almost everything in its habitat was on the [menu / contents] ."

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