5-speed listening (Swiss Chocolate - Level 4)

It snowed chocolate in a Swiss town






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Switzerland is famous for its quality chocolate brands. However, residents in a town near Zurich got a big surprise this week. It started snowing chocolate. Locals wondered if this was a bizarre result of climate change. The local chocolate maker said the brown "snow" was because of a minor defect in cooling systems at its factory. Cocoa dust escaped and strong winds whipped up the chocolate and sprinkled it over the town.

A thin layer of light brown dust covered the town. The company offered to pay for any cleaning because of the accident. A spokeswoman said crushed cocoa beans are harmless to health and the environment. She said engineers were fixing the technical problem. This incident led to many jokes on social media. One wrote: "Chocolate snowflakes falling from the sky, dreams do come true." Another said: "I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas."

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