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The words
There are many advantages of [windy / wind] turbines and wind farms. They are important [in / on] providing green energy. However, there are also [sum / some] disadvantages. One of these is [what / that] the giant blades on turbines kill thousands [of / on] birds. Many birds accidentally fly into the blades and die. Researchers have [found / find] a solution. They say painting one blade black could help birds [see / seen] the rotating blades. This could cut bird strikes by up to 70 per cent. Researcher Dr Roel May said: "The collision of birds...is one [of / oft] the main environmental concerns [relation / related] to wind energy development." The findings of the research have been [publishing / published] in the conservation journal "Ecology and Evolution".

Dr May and his team conducted research [in / on] how to reduce the death rate of birds [due / dew] to wind-turbine blades. They painted [once / one] blade of four different turbines black. The [ratio / data] showed that over four years, the turbines with one black blade saw a reduction in bird [dies / deaths] of over 71 per cent. Dr May said: "Few effective [weights / measures] have been developed to reduce the [risk / risky] of collision." The RSPB, a bird protection group, [welcomed / pleased] the idea. It stressed the importance of wind farms needing to "take place in harmony [without / with] nature". It added: "Wind turbines are the right technology when we find the right places for them." It said wind farms should be put in places [where / what] there is little risk to wildlife.

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