Speed Reading — Superhuman Powers - Level 4 — 200 wpm

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Elon Musk put a computer chip in a pig's brain. This could lead to computer-to-brain technology in humans. Mr Musk is a technology pioneer. He makes electric cars and space rockets. Gertrude the pig shows his latest project - to allow us to control computers with our brains. This could enhance our brainpower. He believes his technology is a giant leap into the future. He said it will change our lives by giving us superhuman powers.

Results from Gertrude the pig show the potential the technology has. It could help people with brain conditions like strokes and dementia. It could wire our brain directly to the Internet. As in a science fiction movie, we could control devices just by using our thoughts. The most futuristic part of the technology is what Musk calls "superhuman cognition". This will help us to stop artificial intelligence becoming strong enough to destroy the human race.

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