Speed Reading — Pringles Packaging - Level 1 — 300 wpm 

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This is the text (if you need help).

Pringles has made its packaging better. Pringles is famous for its potato chips and the tube they come in. However, the tube is bad for the environment. It looks simple, but it is made of many things. It has a plastic cap, a metal base, an aluminium cover, and foil-lined cardboard. It is difficult for people to separate and recycle. The Recycling Association called it one of the "villains" of the recycling world. The BBC called it "a recycler's nightmare".

Pringles made the tube easier to recycle. It promised 100 per cent reusable and recyclable packaging by 2025. A spokesman said: "We are eager to...reduce our impact on the planet....We've worked hard to come up with this new can, which is widely recyclable and keeps our chips fresh and tasty and protects them from breaking up – which helps to reduce food waste." However, the new tube still has a plastic lid. This will add to plastic pollution.

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