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The words
A French photographer has [winning / won] a top photography contest. Nicolas Lefaudeux won the prestigious prize [on / in] the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020 competition. This is run [by / in] the Royal Observatory in the UK. Mr Lefaudeux won the $17,000 prize for his photo of our [closet / closest] galaxy - the Andromeda galaxy. Andromeda is two million [light / slight] years from Earth. It neighbours our Milky Way galaxy. Lefaudeux used a [specially / special] technique called tilt-shift to take his photo. The result is a spectacular photo that [makes / takes] Andromeda look amazingly close to us. In the photo, we can [clear / clearly] see the bright, oval-shaped galaxy in the darkness of space. It is [rebounded / surrounded] by countless other stars and celestial [objects / subjects] .

Mr Lefaudeux is a [celebrated / celebration] astronomy photographer. His winning photo is [titled / framed] "Andromeda Galaxy at Arm's Length". It beat [thousand / thousands] of other photos from the world's leading photographers. The photo won [on / in] the "Galaxies" category, as well as the competition's [overall / coverall] best photograph. Lefaudeux told reporters he was very surprised at [whining / winning] the top prize. He said: "I was really not expecting to [be / being] the overall winner. I had some hopes for being placed in the galaxy category, as I [liked / liking] the sense of depth given to the galaxy." He joked that he was "over the [Sun / Moon] " when he got the news that he had scooped the prize. Reporters said he could now "reach for the [stars / moons] " and win more prizes.

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