Discussion Questions - Listening

Listen to the 20 Questions.

  • Put the words below in the correct order to make the questions.
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1. did think What you when you read the headline?

2. mind are in What images hear you when the your word 'birth'?

3. do know you What about Afghanistan?

4. do you think of What birth certificates?

5. information is What your on birth certificate?

6. women in How 'victory' this important is for Afghanistan?

7. Why birth on name the put was certificates? only father's

8. What on? your name is official documents

9. are for? What birth certificates

10. have advice for women Afghanistan? in do What you

11. reading Did you this like article?

12. What of word think the when you hear do you 'certificate'?

13. read? What you about think you what do

14. much a is Afghan forward this step of How for women?

15. less your in equal country? Where women are

16. How a society are when suffer excluded? women does

17. the What happy? that was thing last made you

18. this describe What adjectives three best story?

19. feel you rights? would you didn't How have if equal

20. you to government? What ask questions Afghan the like would

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Birth Certificates - The 20 Questions

STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)
  1. What did you think when you read the headline?
  2. What images are in your mind when you hear the word 'birth'?
  3. What do you know about Afghanistan?
  4. What do you think of birth certificates?
  5. What information is on your birth certificate?
  6. How important is this "victory" for women in Afghanistan?
  7. Why was only the father's name put on birth certificates?
  8. What official documents is your name on?
  9. What are birth certificates for?
  10. What advice do you have for women in Afghanistan?

STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)
  1. Did you like reading this article? Why/not?
  2. What do you think of when you hear the word 'certificate'?
  3. What do you think about what you read?
  4. How much of a step forward is this for Afghan women?
  5. Where are women less equal in your country?
  6. How does a society suffer when women are excluded?
  7. What was the last thing that made you happy?
  8. What three adjectives best describe this story?
  9. How would you feel if you didn't have equal rights?
  10. What questions would you like to ask the Afghan government?

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